Cupertinos was founded in 2009 as part of the Fundação Cupertino de Miranda (Cupertino de Miranda Foundation) in Famalicão. Since its inception, the vocal ensemble’s main aim is to bring back to life music written by a selection of Portugal’s greatest Renaissance composers from 16th and 17th centuries.


After ten years, Cupertinos has truly become a world ambassador for this music. The singers continue to discover and perform unpublished works, unearthing the still largely undiscovered heritage of Portuguese music from this era. To date, Cupertinos has performed around two hundred works by composers such as Duarte Lobo, Manuel Cardoso and Pedro de Cristo.


The group’s philosophy is aided by its strong connection with the University of Coimbra – one of the richest sources of Renaissance music anywhere in the world. To date, the ensemble has brought around eighty such pieces to life. Several of these unpublished works have been transcribed from the original sources, with the expert help of musical director, Luís Toscano, and the musicologist, José Abreu.


The group’s performances evoke an unmistakable portuguese passion. It is this fresh and untamed character which earned the Cupertinos the 2019 Early Music Gramophone Award for their debut disc with Hyperion, exploring the unique sacred repertoire of Manuel Cardoso.