Tiago Sousa


Tiago Amândio Ferreira de Sousa, born in Guimarães in 1997, began his career
and studied music at the Sociedade Filarmónica Vizelense, where he studied guitar for
three years. In the academic year 2012/2013 he joined the Academia de MúsicaValentim Moreira de Sá. After graduating from high school, he was accepted intotheguitar class of professor Dejan Ivanović and Gonçalo Gouveia at the UniversidadedeÉvora. In this University he completed the Bachelor’s Degree in Music – Guitar andtheMaster’s Degree in Guitar Education.
In parallel with his studies as an instrumentalist, he also developed studies inthe field of lyrical singing. In the academic year 2018/2019 he joined the EscolaArtística de Música do Conservatório Nacional, in Lisbon, in the singing class of theteacher Filomena Amaro, where he studied for two years. He had private lessons andmasterclasses with Pedro Nascimento, Paulo Ferreira, José de Eça and ChristophStrehl. Between the years of 2021-2023, he studied singing in the Bachelor degree intheUniversität Mozarteum, in Salzburg, Austria. During his time at the Universität Mozarteum, he was a member of theBachchor Salzburg, Ensemble BachWerkVokal Salzburg and the CollegiumVocaleder
Salzburger Bachgesellschaft. In the same city, he developed several projects as asoloist in the Franziskanerkirche, Salzburg Cathedral, in the Ensemble “Il Gioismo” andin some projects at the Mozarteum University, namely the premiere of Erik’sSchroeder Opera “La Locandiera” in the role of Il Cavaliere. In Portugal, he developedprojects as a Soloist at the Marvão International Music Festival (FIMM) at 2023 editionand at the ZêzereArts Festival, also in 2023.
In July 2023 he recorded a CD with the Ensemble BachWerkVokal at
ThomasKirche in Leipzig performing some cantatas and motets by J. S. Bach. He was also a member of several Portuguese choirs: Coro Gulbenkian, in Lisbon;
Ensemble All’Ottava and Coro Eborae Musicae, two formations specializedinpolyphony at the Évora Cathedral school, in Évora; Moços do Coro and CapellaDuriensis, in Porto; Vocal Ensemble, in Aveiro and Ensemble Záve, in Tomar. Healsoparticipated internationally in the Chorakademie Lübeck 2020, in Germany andheparticipated in Coro Amadeus in Badajoz. During his choral experience he hadtheopportunity to work with conductors such as: John Nelson; Antonio Pappano; LorenzoViotti; Gianluca Capuano; Lionel Meunier; Leonardo García Alarcón; Gordon Safari;
Michel Corboz; Brian MacKay; Owen Rees; Jörn Andresen; Giancarlo Guerrero; NunoCoelho; Pedro Teixeira; Gonçalo Lourenço; Vasco Negreiros and Nuno Almeida.